Frequently Asked Questions

Your parent volunteers are valuable and their time is limited. We all know the directory position is more “work” than most volunteers expect. The reality of collecting and organizing parent household information, hours of data entry, deciphering spreadsheets and database programs and meeting printer set-up requirements keeps even the most energized volunteer away.  And even after getting a directory out the door within a reasonable time, you then have to start the process over again the next year.  This is one of those “volunteer” roles that doesn’t leave a parent feeling rewarded for their efforts. The bottom line, it’s a chore.  Sometimes “Free” isn’t always the best solution.  My Easy Directory can take care of the hassle and save your parent volunteer for more rewarding endeavors.

The directory administrator customizes their school directory. It can be as comprehensive or minimalist as the organization wants. Some of the information we can include in a directory is:

  1. School or PTA logo and contact information
  2. Volunteer Opportunities for parents
  3. Clubs & Activities options for students
  4. Teacher lists

The directory administrator may need to support parent users from time-to-time throughout the school year.

The admin volunteer is an ideal candidate to promote the directory to the school community at large.

Parents are provided a link from their school PTA directory admin. This secure link allows parents to create a unique password after which they can access their school directory from their smart phone, tablet or laptop. Only email addresses that are included in the directory will be allowed to register to use the directory.

My Easy Directory respects and honors the privacy of all it users and does not use banner advertising nor do we ever share personal contact information. We provide your school with complete control over access to the directory. Please read our My Easy Directory Privacy Policy.

It’s easy. First, register to use the directory. Once a secure login has been created by the user, a parent has access to editing tools allowing them to add another parent to their household, edit contact information and even delete anything they do not want included.

No.  My Easy Directory is a web-based directory. Access your school directory from any browser, from any device, from any location. Only email addresses included in the directory are eligible to register.

Use our handy sign up button. Once you submit your registration, you’ll receive an invoice with specific payment instructions. We accept e-checks, all major credit and debit cards and PayPal.

That’s Easy. Just check the box for a printable version on your Registration Form and we’ll take it from there.

Directories are archived for up to five years depending upon how many grades your school offers. You can find archived directories under the View Directory menu item. Select the year you want to generate a pdf file. You may save this file to your computer for future reference.