My Easy Directory

We build your School PTA Directory – It’s Quick, Easy, and Secure

How does it work?

No more hassle and frustration!  It is a simple three step process:

  1. You provide our team with a list of parent/student names and emails.
  2. Our Team takes your list and creates a secure parent user sign in
  3. Viola! Directory complete.

Parents access an accurate, easy-to-use online Directory on their smartphone, laptop, or tablet where they can edit, add or delete information with confidence and security. Search for parents and students across grade, class and extra curricular activities, accessible anywhere from multiple devices. Or if you prefer, a paper directory booklet is available for an additional cost.

What does it cost?

You can’t beat the price! Its price for Parent/Teacher groups at only $250 per school year.

Your volunteer time is valuable and limited.  For a minimal annual fee, My Easy Directory removes the time consuming frustration of building a complicated directory and replaces it with a directory that is Easy to Use, Ready to Use, and Easy on your Pocket.

Accessible anywhere and easy to update.

Who Are We?

Beth, Susanne and Rachel are PTA Moms with a mission to increase parent involvement and grow strong school communities. We have coerced volunteers, wrung money out of people and have done one of the hardest jobs on the PTA, the directory. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created My Easy Directory.