My Easy DirectoryAbout Us

Our business model is simple – a school directory that’s secure, accessible and affordable.

My Easy Directory is an online, secure and dynamic directory database. We focus exclusively on contact management and tools that enable schools, clubs and organizations to communicate more effectively. My Easy Directory simplifies the set up for administrators with multiple avenues for creating the initial list, and enables secure and simple editing by users. My Easy Directory is the easiest online directory tool with a price point that’s easy to buy as well.

Give My Easy Directory a try; you won’t be disappointed.

Meet The Team

Beth Thompson

Beth is a true 21st Century Renaissance Woman.  With a BS in Economics/Finance from Clemson University, she’s managed real estate transactions, accounting for Multi-Million dollar companies and established a brick and mortar artist collective specializing in regionally made art and handcrafted goods. Her vast business experience and artistic sense has influenced her volunteer leadership in her children’s school and community. Her charge is to manage business and volunteer organizations with efficiency and honest commitment which structured the My Easy Directory product.

Rachel Elliott

Rachel has a worn many hats in the realm of Marketing/Public Relations since graduating from Florida State University with her BS in Public Relations.  Her experience ranges from Public Relations Director at a Senior Volunteer Organizations to Marketing Golf Resorts in Florida.  She dabbled in the Cable Television Industry before branching out on her own as a Marketing Consultant.  Juggling children, volunteerism and gardening has lead Rachel to seek better ways to manage her limited time.  My Easy Directory is the culmination of her desire to be present in the classroom with her children and making her volunteer impact more effective.

Susanne Howard

Susanne as developer for the My Easy Directory drives the easy to use format and user experience.  With a M.S. in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, she draws on her many years of freelance experience as a website designer and programmer.  Her international background provides a unique perspective and sensitivity to diverse families influencing the My Easy Directory business goals and objectives.  Susanne has continually maintained a strong volunteer presence in her children’s PTA serving in multiple roles as treasurer and committee chair.