How Does It Work?

Are you overwhelmed with collecting parent contact information, deciphering handwriting, time consuming data entry, and managing confusing printer requirements?

Our easy, step-by-step model will guide you to through all the information Our Team needs to create a secure online directory where parents are able to add, edit and delete information.

What Do You (Directory Volunteer ) Need To Do?

  1. You provide our team with a list of parent and student names and emails.
  2. Our Team takes your list and creates a secure parent user sign in
  3. Promote the directory to your school community through the unique and secure link provided by our team

Now that you have My Easy Directory, you can:

  1. Add/Delete new and former students and parents throughout the year
  2. Build your parent community for fundraising, volunteer recruitment and parent engagement
  3. Search for parents or students across grade, class and extra curricular activities, accessible anywhere from multiple devices
  4. And show us some love!